Sunday, April 10, 2011


Bardo is into weeds, as in, "any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted," lately.  He'll jump off of his bike while we're out travelling on our local hiking/biking trail, start crawling on the earth and just pull weeds.  He loves it, especially on that shady trail where they are profuse and the ground is moist.  He gets them by the root every time there, and that is satisfying for him.  The last time he did it I tried to explain that they weren't considered a problem there and that there were some places it was okay for weeds to grow.  I convinced him that we should go home and weed the lawn instead.

Today Bardo found weeds in the church parking lot after church.  "Heavenly Father does not like weeds."  He knelt on the ground and started getting to work.  Pippi thoughtfully replied, "But Heavenly Father created weeds.  They must be good for something."

And then I said, "Sometimes I think Heavenly Father created things for what they will teach us..."  But I kept thinking about what Pippi said.  Victoria Boutenko says there are many weeds good for blending in green smoothies.  And surely the weeds produce oxygen for us to breathe.  The problem occurs when there are too many weeds and they overtake our fruitful endeavors.  I have plenty of natural characteristics of my own that just pop up and aggravate and distract me and others unless I tend to them and conscientiously put them aside for use in appropriate times and places.  Sometimes it's hard to show off my beautiful landscaping because of all of my weeds getting out of control.  My weeds are good for something, but the problem with weeds is that they have to be tended to or I get out of balance.


Flora said...

Love Pippi's comment - thanks for the insight on weeds :) I think I need to do some weeding around here too. Does Bardo want to come visit me?

tenacious d said...

Very profound! I will steal this for a talk or lesson sometime.

tenacious d said...

Oh, and I will give you the credit for the insight when I do use it.