Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dear Boo,

I love you even though you're two.  It was upsetting to see my lip gloss all over your eyes this morning.  Lip gloss really isn't a sharing thing, and I'm sure you don't need my lip germs in your eyes.

I'm impressed with the way you handle scissors.  We'll work on staying away from Pippi's dolls' hair, though.  She was pretty upset since she'd saved her own money to buy that black and blue wig for her doll.  I'll get you some scissors though, and we'll find something for you to cut.  I know you like it because I heard you giggling as you were doing it.

I accidentally deleted the picture of you with my lip gloss all over your eyes.  Perhaps it's for the best.  The picture of you with hair in your eyes, after your bath tonight will have to do.

Love forever,



MT Missy said...

Oh the joys of two year olds!

Tiffany W. said...

I just noticed that Bardo is wearing flippers in that picture... hilarious!! :)