Sunday, May 08, 2011

Growing Up

Yesterday the day arrived for Pippi to switch out her earrings.  She did it about ten times.  And then cried when her ears started to bleed a little.

Yesterday Pippi "hiked" 5 miles with N and me and a couple of young women from our ward.  She kept the hike interesting for Mary, a  thirteen year-old with Down Syndrome.  And then when Mary was finished with the hike, she was a fun companion for Karsyn, a bright fourteen year-old with a silly sense of humor.

Friday Pippi came home from school and told me all about the growth and development video she saw at school.  I think it stresses her out a little.  She took the puberty checklist and circled the things that she's starting to go through.  The nurses said that if you are the tallest in your class, it's likely you will start going through it first.  She's covering her stress with excitement, and forging forward full of self awareness.  She's so much better than I was.


Prairie Smoke said...

And you are so much better than I was. Wouldn't it be great if each generation was better than the last?

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Well, I can safely say that when you are the shortest in your class, you don't need the puberty checklist until high-school.

Lisa said...

tangley earing or none she is beautiful!