Monday, May 02, 2011


I bought art supplies.  Pippi came home and used them all.  She also made Liv doll clothes out of some old socks and pins, no sewing was required.  I also signed Pip up for swimming.  I wasn't planning on doing it, but she seems really excited about it this year, so I completely changed my mind.  Practice starts tomorrow.  I'm grateful she can ride her bike to and from practice so that I don't have to disrupt Boo and Bardo's eating schedule too much.

Bardo set himself up to run through the sprinkler.  It was cold today (70s) so he really didn't last long.  He also analyzed my face with his hands when I was resting on the floor.  Oh how I wish I had soft skin!  We read George and Martha a bunch of times today and made pretend hot air balloons out of balloons and plastic bowls. For snack today, Bardo pulled a mango the size of his head of the refrigerator and started digging in with the skin on.

Boo gave her Goofy toy a spanking and a verbal lashing for eating her baby dolls face.  She also ate 3 whole wheat tortillas at dinner tonight.  Boo wraps her dolls in dish towels and burp cloths and sings to them.  She makes sure they have little toys to play with and loves pushing them in the stroller.  She also likes Curious George books.  Boo's grammar is strange.  Instead of saying "She's wearing pants," she says, "Hers wearing pants."  I don't remember any of my other children mixing that up.  Boo started walking to her friend, Aliya's house on her own today when I was unloading the groceries.  I had to drop everything and chase her.  Bardo got to her first and trapped her behind a bush for me.  She has her own plans these days and lets me know of her dissatisfaction when I ruin those plans.

I'm in the middle of John Steinbeck's East of Eden.  The book is due at the library today, but I'm going to have to renew it for the 3rd time.  I work my way slowly through books sometimes.

Our nomadic friends, the Broadbents dropped in on Friday just as we started running through the sprinklers.  I love that they felt like they could do that.


Prairie Smoke said...

Seventies would be so awesome. Hope Pippi has a great time swimming.

Pete said...

Great picture of the kids running through the sprinklers. Thanks for letting us crash your party.