Tuesday, June 07, 2011

-I sprained my ankle yesterday.  So I'm lame, literally.

-I finally started filing again yesterday.  The kids dumped out my filing cabinet years ago, and I've been functioning in piles every since.  It was a workable but inefficient way to live.  It took hours and hours to put the filing together, and filing is never completely done until the whole house is in order, but I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  I came across some of Stacy's things while filing--her birth certificate, her ss card, her kindergarten questionnaire, her death certificate.  I paused a teary moment, made a spot for her stuff  in my cabinet, and moved on to the next thing.
-Quinn and Rebecca are resting together with headphone's in their ears while Daphne naps right now.  I love summer.
-My sprouted bread turned out beautifully.  It's a little too sour for my taste, though, so I'm going to make some adjustments.
-I'm taking piano lessons this summer.  I had my first lesson today.


Amberly said...

you realize you used your actual children's names in this post. I like when you slip. Sorry to hear about the ankle, but the filing project is major. I thought I had achieved greatness when I had the system all organized and put together, but I find I still use the pile system and have to have "catch-up" days to transfer it all into the filing cabinet. organization feels so good.

tenacious d said...

Sorry to see the ankle and read that you had a teary moment. Hopefully the tears were bittersweet, with emphasis on the sweet.

That bread looks delicious!

Prairie Smoke said...

Don't overdo with the ankle. I can always GET things organized but keeping them that way is another story

Lisa said...

I like you! Yay you for filing and yes that bread is beautiful. Summer is wonderful, even when it is a rainy day like we had today. I stayed in my jammies till 3 p.m. :)

MT Missy said...

Ouchy ankle! I know that feeling of satisfaction in piles becoming organized. I battled my kitchen yesterday, my living room and bedroom today, and all I have left is the master closet and bathroom and the guest bedroom.....it will end one day. So, I think you're pretty lucky to get to have piano lessons. Have fun!

Dani said...

I love your posts. What a great way to record your lives!!! Hugs to you during your teary moments and thanks for your example of diligent faith and strength! You are amazing!!!

And the bread looks wonderful, by the way! We should have a bread party soon...I'd love to learn your secrets of the sprouted bread!!!