Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Third Day of School

Today we fell back into our old habits:  Pippi taking forever to roll out of bed, me having to make her lunch because she forgot to do it after dinner last night because the babysitter came over.  But this photograph is a gem, way better than the picture I took of Pippi alone at the door.  I'll never forget the way Pippi called Hunter to come sit next to her for the photo. This picture is a fitting end to our vacationless summer.  These three friends who happen to be related to each other played (and fought) all summer long.  Pippi read at least one book a day, sometimes lots more.  We swam. We shopped.  We baked.  So long summer vacation.  Now if we could just get a reprieve from the heat.


Erin said...

Cute photo, of cute kids. Yay for school...Olivia has been counting down all month. Only 6 more days! :)

MT Missy said...

Pippi has grown up so much. She looks fantastic. I hope she has a fantastic teacher this year!

Prairie Smoke said...

It's funny how much I look forward to summer. But it is such a busy,demanding time, I always look forward to summer's end too.