Thursday, November 03, 2011

I am grateful for my home

Today I'm grateful for November 1st.  I had an epiphany that day as I enjoyed a beautiful walk to the duck pond with Bardo and Boo.  The streets were littered with post-Halloween debris.  Bardo pointed out each piece of litter as he flew past it on his red Lightning McQueen bicycle.  Boo and I started collecting the candy and trash and putting it in one of the used grocery bags we had stashed in the stroller.  I was disgusted by the mess, but then it dawned on me that what happens to the streets is exactly what happens to my home as all the bodies that live there stash and then go about doing exactly what they want to do.  The Warlock escapes to his media room or the computer for alone time; Pippi usually rounds up the kids to play some incredibly fun game that requires the deconstruction and moving of the furniture; Bardo likes to drop everything to rummage through the pantry or refrigerator, Boo likes to dump the book and toy baskets (to be used as baby beds) and run water in the powder room sink.  So it's time for some changes around here.  My children have probably noticed me asking for a lot more help and sternly asking  how all the litter got on the floor.  But this home, I'm grateful for it, and I'm tired of watching it fall into complete disorder.

I am grateful for my windows and the light that reflects off of my yellow walls.

I'm grateful for a table to sit and watch my silly eaters talk and sing and eat and paint and color at.

I'm grateful for chilly air and cozy beds.


Shandie said...

Oh Maren, I'm so grateful to know you and have you as a friend. You are such a kind and genuine women. I know exactly how you feel when your kids seem to get every last thing out, I sometimes say to myself "Why do I even attempt to have a clean house! " :)

Amberly said...

I have a cooper that rounds up everyone and moves furniture to make obstacle courses. I have a beckham that will clean out the fridge of all cheese if left unattended. I have a seneca that will have various baskets and boxes full of miscellaneous junk that does not belong in them. I love my house when it is clean. It takes a lot of work to keep that way. I wish you lived next door.

Lisa said...

I know how you feel. I love my home too. Kael must kinda be getting the message cuz lately he's been praying, "thank you for this home that mommy loves so much." :)

Prairie Smoke said...

Lately, I have been noticing how I cannot seem to shift focus quickly enough after completing a task and clean up after myself. It's frustrating because I hate a messy house. Coming to after a task and picking up has been a life
long problem.