Friday, December 30, 2011


Daphne's friend who came for dinner and cake on her Christmas Birthday.

Quinn, trying to figure out how to skate.  When Quinn opened this gift, Rebecca's jaw dropped in envy.  She decided  2 days after Christmas that she would head to the store and get herself in line skates.  Luckily she had a gift card left over from her birthday so she could afford to skate.  Q and R are having a blast playing outside in our ideal weather with their skates.  They'd keep them on in the house, too, if I'd let them.

Daphne opened a big box of fabric from my Mom.  She thinks they are blankets for her babies.  Rebecca's been designing dresses with the fabric, and Quinn chose this stylish pink fabric for his kingly robe.
Getting ready to build a "boogie buddy."  It definitely boogied.

Stair -step Cake.  Daphne grabbed a handful of one layer of her cake while it was cooling.  We improvised.  It still tasted good.  I know I need decorating lessons.  I also accidentally bought trick candles for my three-year old .  Whoops.  Luckily she had  a brother to help her out.

The Beautiful Birthday Girl

We tried to downsize the Christmas craziness this year, and we think we may have gotten it just right.  We were able to open all of our gifts before church at 8 am and get to church on time.  I remember fondly that we were able to open all of our gifts 3 years ago before Daphne's Christmas morning arrival, as well.

 This gift has turned Rebecca's room into the party room.  The day after Christmas I had to hunt down my children .  I always knew to look in Rebecca's room.  And for a whole 2 days after Christmas there was no tattling, no whining.  Really, even eating was a distraction from their fun.

The panda hat and the pink blanket

Rebecca, playing with Daphne's fabric

Daphne, completely pleased with her Disney Princess paper dolls.

This Christmas I was spoiled rotten.  The kids carefully watched as I tore open a Cuisinart food processor and cookbook from them.  Quinn was so excited about the cookbook that he told me about it the minute they got home from shopping.  And then he asked to see all of  my cookbooks.  He picked out about 5 treats
he wanted to make for Santa and recommended some dinner choices, as well.  Finally, I have a child willing to help me plan the dinner menu!


Lisa said...

So fun! You have beautiful children!

MT Missy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Dad and I had a lot of fun putting together your gift to him. :)

Anna said...

The kids are getting so big! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas

Prairie Smoke said...

These are the best times!