Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training Hike

Today the Warlock and I took the kids for a mini-backpacking trip (read:  hike with backpacks).  It went quite well.  All of the kids hiked with minimal complaint.  In fact, I think the Warlock was the biggest complainer.  In his defense, the mosquitoes had decided that he was the most delicious human on the planet.  If I had been him, I would have bailed, so he still gets a tough guy award.

Boo hiked with a Camelback.  She drank the whole thing!


Prairie Smoke said...

How fun. Did you see any things of interest that are animal, vegetable, or mineral? Also, Skin So Soft from Avon diluted to 50% is supposed to be good mosquito repellent. Although, when those darn mosquitoes are hungry enough, nothing seems to stop them.

kimmalee said...

Cute little miss chugging her water. Darling. I'm sad I missed the rodeo this year. It's such a fun Texas cultural experience...and GREAT people-watching. Looks like you guys took advantage of everything. Love the deer eating Pippi's shirt.