Sunday, June 03, 2012

Inaugural Triathlon

This morning we pulled out of the driveway before 5 am, embarking on the Warlock's inaugural triathlon. I'm pleased to say that Bardo's sense of humor wasn't at all muted by the early departure.  Boo (follow the arrow), however, was not quite herself, and fled, hugging my leg, trying to get me to carry her, knowing that I could not cuddle her and photograph her at the same time.  Boo, dear, I was the inventor of this game of feigned camera shyness.  You cannot fool me.

We arrived with ample time for the Warlock to set up his transitions.  In fact, the Warlock was able to take a warm-up dip in the murky pond water.  Below the Warlock looks on, wondering if he might die during the swim.  Today was his first open water swim sans-life jacket.  Before the race he expressed worry over this impending 600 meter swim. (Stop laughing iron man and super swimmer friends.  We all have to start somewhere.)  Another friend stated her biggest worry was the run.  The Warlocks reply?  "Well, at least, you know you won't drown on the run..."

Pippi, always willing to lend a hand, carried the Warlocks back pack and even gleefully lent her shirt when the Warlock needed a goggle wash. He switched to the larger goggles for better sighting, but quickly discovered that it was pointless considering the water was so murky he could barely see ten inches in front of his face. During the swim he swam over people and had people swim over him.  Apparently it was even scarier than he thought it would be.  Panic did set in, but he made it, and finished the swim in the middle of the pack.  My husband is not afraid of doing hard things.

Gleeful, oh yes....

While the mossy water was a pain to swim in, when combined with a stick, it provided at least 30 minutes of amusement for children who don't like to spectate triathlons much.
Pippi found that these perching ducks enjoyed being stroked on the back.  She told me about it.  I didn't see her.  Hand sanitizer anyone?

The awesome orange disposable chip timer.
The children enjoyed watching the warm-up swim.  I had to drag them away from the lake to the finish line..
And they will spectate with snacks.

Look at them!  All lined up, three in a row, they look like something out of a story book.

 The Warlock seemed quick in transition to me, but he was not satisfied with his time when he was looking at his splits.  He nailed the bike ride (his words).

 He zipped right around that lake and finished strong.  I'm so proud of him, and enjoyed watching this race immensely. If only all his races were about one hour in length!


Lisa Young said...

What a fun outing! I want to do a sprint triatholon sometime. Maybe you should do one with me next year! Your kids reminded me of Peter Pan lined up and flying to neverland or marching through the woods.

Nancy said...

Spring triathlons are my favorite. (To watch, not do.) One hour is perfect.

Irishtsunami said...

I am just glad to see that he does not wear the triatholon "mankini."