Monday, February 11, 2013

Dancing Around Towers of Laundry

So I started out the morning pushing kids out the rainy door.  Rebecca has commandeered my vast blue poncho and covered herself and her back pack and her purse and her stick (drum sticks) bag with said poncho.  I passed her at the bus stop while driving Quinn to school and told her she could wait under the eaves of our neighbor's house like the other kids, but she shook her head, "I'm good."  She said she nearly had a crisis today when her friend Justin almost kicked her poncho into the boys bathroom when it fell off of her backpack.  Oh the horror!  Not the boys bathroom.

I'm still trying to figure out Quinn's system for dressing himself in the morning.  I think he looks out the window and decides to dress himself the opposite of weather appropriate.  He was thrilled with the rain, though, and spent the rest of the day talking about the two minutes of hail that we had this morning.  Daphne enjoyed tasting the hail.  "It tasted just like the ice from our freezer!"  I wonder if she was expecting lemon ice?

Daphne just makes me laugh so much lately.  Her imagination has always been incredible, allowing her to play for hours by herself unless hungry and tired (her preferred food is oatmeal with honey), but now that she's four, the girl has really kicked it into high gear. She pulled out all her shoes and dressed them in barrettes and bracelets and put them in a row.  When I told her to put her shoes away, she was not a happy camper. "They are not shoes, they are people!"  What is my problem?  But, because she is a four-year-old and not a three-year-old, she put one pair of her shoes on her feet so we could hurry to the gym for my barbell class.  The rest remained dressed up, in a row until well after lunch.

After school Quinn and I were discussing his future and I asked him if he thought he would be ready for piano lessons next year.  He replied with an exuberant "Yes!"  I was so excited.  And then he said, "I want Rebecca to be my teacher."  I wonder if Rebecca could teach him.  Do you think I'd have to pay her?

Nick figured out a way to get himself a triathlon bike.  He's open to name suggestions.  I get Lola (his road bike).  There are a few advantages to being tall, bike sharing privileges are among them.

During dinner prep, Rebecca blasted Touch the Sky, got into her recital outfit and practiced her heart out.  The laundry was folded and stacked all over the counter and Rebecca just danced.  Quinn and Daphne watched her, carefully mimicking her every move.


tenacious d said...

Love these stories of your cute family.

Amberly said...

loved these sneak peeks into your day and what a great snapshot of who your kids are right now. miss you!

Lisa Young said...

I want to dance to. I can just see it! What a great life!

MT Missy said...

Such imagination and dramatics. I love the people shoes idea, you should patent it, it'll be the next big thing at Christmas. :)

Prairie Smoke said...

These are the best times.