Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Daphne Reads, Quinn obeys, and Rebecca is her lovely self

Today Daphne read a little book for me for the first time.  She read with confidence, her voice bold and strong.

Quinn did his homework after I asked him just one time today.  Amazing.  Truly Amazing.

Rebecca went to young women's.  This was her third time going to mutual and her first time with a combined activity with Fall Creek Ward.  She plopped herself with the sewing service project in the middle of the other ward.  I love that I can watch her.  Over the past year I've watched most of the young women really hesitant to socialize with the girls outside our ward.  And there was Rebecca, completely at ease with...everyone.  She is amazing

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Prudence said...

She is amazing! We need more people like her!