Sunday, October 06, 2013


Daphne is rapidly approaching  5 years old now.  She is so pleasant to be around.  I just love her.  She loves "homework" and sits down with Quinn each afternoon while he is doing his homework.  When I asked Quinn if he wanted to take piano lessons from a family friend, she jumped up and said she was ready, too.  She's overcome much of her shyness, and when I was jogging at the dog park she walked around socializing with all the dogs and adults like they were her best friends.  I can always count on her to make a new friend wherever we go.  I can also count on her to remove her shoes and take the hair tie out of her hair.

She's playing soccer again this year and doing much better than last year.  She still tends to be naughty while I'm trying to coach the team.  We need some loving fatherly attention on the bench I think while she learns to behave appropriately. Hint. Hint.  She also doesn't feel like she's good enough to score a goal, but I know she is with all my heart and I'm hoping she'll find that within herself.  But if not, she's learning to dance.  And she can sing.  And she loves her bike.  So she's gonna be ok.

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