Saturday, October 28, 2006


Home feels so good. There's nothing like 4 days in a car with a 5 year-old and a baby to make home the BEST place on earth. For most of the trip I sat in-between Pippi and Bardo. Pippi loved it since I was there to play pretend with her. She was Marissa and I was Michelle. Then we played puppets and I got to be the ballerina and the queen while she was the mermaid and the fairy. Evidently fairies ride on airplanes for 18 hours to Disneyland. Towards the end of the trip Pippi assigned me to me Harry Potter so that she could be Hermione. The Obnoxious Warlock thinks he's Super Man because he drove for three days straight, but I think I could earn the "Super Woman" award for pretending for 3 days straight while taking care of Bardo.

We had a great time visiting with the Obnoxious Warlock's family. Bardo and Pippi got to visit with their great-grandparents on OW's side, my sister, and my aunt. Hooray!

We also attended the BYU Homecoming game. The obnoxious warlock intently watched the game, but I must say that Pippi, Bardo, their cute Aunt Kissy, and I were busy doing other things.

One day on our vacation, I looked out the window to see Rebecca out in the field with the farm animals. She decided that she thought the burrow needed a friend. She gave it a great big hug. Just the other day she told be that he was sad because his horse friend Jenny died. "He's sad when I leave because I'm his friend, too," she says clearly and seriously.

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Kristy said...

I just wanted to be a contributor, too! :) I sure have had fun visiting with you!!!