Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bardo in the "Dog Phase"

At least that's what I would call it. Bardo's been camping out underneath the table between meals in the hopes that we will drop a new food to try. He even begs by screaming until we'll give him a taste. His favorite play areas seem to be the refrigerator and the garbage can. Don't worry Mom, the garbage can is tightly closed and bottom heavy so that it can't tip all over him.

When Bardo plays in the bath water he thinks he should drink the bath water. At least it's not the toilet. Although Aunt Kristy did catch him playing in there the morning she was here. Luckily she swiftly washed his hands before they made their way to his mouth.

One of the boys in the playground asked if Bardo could "shake hands" yet. I didn't quite know how to respond.

Bardo loves playgroup. He crawls after the other kids, watching what they are doing. He's especially interested in the two year-olds. He'll playfully stand on his knees and knock them over if he catches them sitting down.

Bardo, or course, chews on everything. His favorites are shoes and power cords. Yesterday I put him down for 30 seconds while I helped Pippi out of the bath. Before I knew it, he had sunk his teeth deep into the toilet paper roll and shredded the outer layers. I pulled him away and turned him around to look at him. He had a silly grin on his face, a toilet-papery silly grin, that is.

When Stacy was a baby, my sister handed her a teething ring saying, "Here's your chew toy." I was SO offended. "Baby's have teethers, not chew toys," I responded in my most annoyed voice. The Warlock thought this was so funny and said that I should lighten up. It's taken me 6 years, but that's some advice that I'll take.


Lisa said...

I love your perspective Silly Witch!! How hilarious. Child psychologist should actually name it the "dog phase" and I bet it is an important part of developement!

Prairie Smoke said...

It's funny how different kids are. I never had one that ever thought of chewing through the toilet paper roll. When Julie went through this phase, it was actually the "lets swallow everything whole" phase. I found 16 uncooked, hard white beans in her diaper once. With Evan it was the "let's unroll the whole roll of toilet paper ointo the bathroom floor phase", with you it was the "let's eat as much dirt and sand as I can phase," (I think you had a mineral defficiency. You even had sand in your diaper); and with the twins,it was the "lets tear the tape out of every cassette tape in the house" phase.