Monday, March 26, 2007

Grilled Cheese Pippi Style

I try to make healthy meals, I really do. I think the reason why I'm an ADD cook is because I'm trying to cook for two radically different palates (right now the Warlock works all the time, and Bardo will eat anything, so it Pippi and me). Today Pippi had grilled cheese with pickles for dinner, at her request. She ate half of her sandwich, and then she got into the refrigerator, took out the peach preserves, and smeared a thick layer on TOP of her sandwich. And she ate it up! And I just watched her, shocked that anyone would top something containing pickles with jam, and wondering how I would ever come up with a menu that would satisfy both of us.


Lisa said...

That is definitely an interesting choice for a meal!

Prairie Smoke said...

I love your blog. I must have ADD because I keep forgetting to check it. Maybe you should keep Pippi's recipes and open a children's restaurant. After all, who said we could like sour & salty with sweet? (Just don't offer it to me for dinner.)