Friday, March 23, 2007

How Will Your Kids Learn to Work Hard if They Don't Get a Little Dirty?

Today we were going to go hiking at the Watchung Reservation. Unfortunately, the closer we got to the trail head, the harder and harder it rained. So we decided to head for the playground instead and stay close to the cars so we could head home as soon as the kids got too cold.

Before Sarah and I even got the babies into backpacks, Matthew and Pippi were knee deep in a puddle in the middle of the lawn. They were making "soup" by throwing grass and seed pods into the puddle. I guess they were stirring with their feet. When they finished that, they started grabbing handfuls of mud so they could make a mud slide. Today was a happy day.


Lisa said...

I bet the mud is excellent for Pippi's skin! What a fun Mom you are to take her out hiking!

Prairie Smoke said...

Kids don't change much. I remember making the same kind of "soup" in mud puddles 45 years ago. I remember it raining and raining in June while we ran the hose to make the puddle under Margie Ann Flanagan's swing set bigger. When it was the right size, we had boats of lilac leaves and docks for them. WE also had a lilac regatta.
Mothers spoil all the fun. Mrs. Flanagan could not understand why kids needed to run the hose in the rain.