Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Sneaky Chef

I've been blessed with a crew of good eaters. Pippi begs for sushi whenever we go to the grocery store. She'll even eat half of a spaghetti squash by herself. As long as I don't feed her tons of junk foods I don't need to worry too much about her getting the nutrients she needs. And Bardo, well, he'll eat dog food, dirt, rubber, poo (don't ask), anything...even healthy stuff at this point.

However, I know that when Pippi enters kindergarten next year she'll be exposed to what the average American kid likes, and maybe she'll start to get picky (I've noticed picky-eating can be contagious). So when my friend told me about this book, I knew that I should check it out. Plus, well, you know, I'm addicted to baby and children's cookbooks.

You'll feel like such a good mother when you add wheat germ to your chicken nuggets, cauliflower to your child's mac n' cheese, and spinach to their brownies. She even justifies the dishonesty of being "sneaky," so you can rest easy that it's for the best. She teaches you how to distract them from the unappealing textures of whole grains, and how to handle it if they catch you with healthy ingredients on the counter. It'll make you feel grateful that your kids, though they think they know everything and act like they know everything, are really just "dumb" kids.

Despite my sarcasm, I love Missy Chase Lapine's ideas. I think this might even work for husbands, too! So if you have a child who's opposed to trying new foods and you want to find a way to make normal foods into super foods, here's the book for you.


Lisa said...

That sounds really cool!

Prairie Smoke said...

This book does sound interesting. Are thbe recipes good?

Principessa said...

I need this . . . thanks! You have always impressed me with your ability to make good, healthy stuff.

citymama1 said...

This sounds great! I'll have to check it out. Do you recommend any other kids nutrition books?