Friday, February 15, 2008

Friendship Party and other stuff

I'm going to take the example of my good friend Amberly and try to look on the positive side of things today.

1) I am so grateful for a beautiful, strong, exuberant kindergartner to send to public school.
2) I am grateful for the amazing, kind, and calm woman who is her teacher and is able to handle all 23 of her students for the 6 hour school day.
3) I am grateful that my kindergartner does not have behavioral problems.
4) I am grateful for public school, that every child, no matter how low the circumstances that they come from, has the opportunity to get an education and make something of themselves.
5) I am grateful for many opportunities that the technological advances create. For example, I am grateful for The Magic School Bus that taught my daughter to tell you the difference betweeen red and white blood cells, explain the water cycle, and talk about the digestive system. I am grateful for the Internet that makes it so easy for me to communicate with everyone. I am grateful for television, too, to teach me, inspire me, and make me laugh. I am grateful that I am free to watch what I want or not watch at all.
6) I am grateful that the kindergartners are dismissed one hour earlier than the rest of the school. I'm so grateful for that extra hour that allows me to have Pippi around me.
7) I am so grateful that I don't have to be "room mom" again if I don't want to. And I'm grateful I don't have to be part of the PTO or be required to support any of their activities.
8) I am grateful that some moms think planning parties for children is fun. And I'm especially grateful for the Moms that remember to pass out the juice boxes, while I'm busy doing other things.
9) I am grateful for my friend Sheralie, who senses that Pippi is going to have a break down before she has a breakdown, while I am trying to run the party for the children.
10) I am grateful for my husband who goes out into the world and makes enough money so that I can concentrate on being "Mom." I'm grateful for his companionship and the emotional support that comes with it.
11) I am grateful for my strong back and other muscles, my healthy immune system, and the tolerance for disorderliness that allows me to happily do the work I need to do.
12) I am grateful for like-minded friends who are not afraid to stand with me and are not afraid to make waves.
13) I am grateful for the prophets and Apostles and other leaders who, though they are old, are wise and so in touch with the world that they can show us what we need to do to be happy.
14) I am grateful for a mother who taught me that popularity is not everything.
15) I am grateful that I know that I am a work in progress. I'm grateful that I don't have to do everything perfectly. I'm grateful for a sound mind that can learn from mistakes and move forward.
16) I am grateful for friends who help me in any situation, even when cleaning up Bardo's vomit.


Nat said...

Beautifully said. Now I want to know the details of the party. . .

tenacious d said...

I'm thinking that you had a tough day. There are many great blessings to be found in just being grateful. Hope that you were comforted and strengthened.

Prairie Smoke said...

Abraham Lincoln had a goal that in the United States one man could not own another man. Look at all the people who opposed him. Was he wrong then?

Amberly said...

I completely loved your grateful list. I love that you live for your children, not for your clean house or your popularity status. I love that you're intelligent and an amazing woman.