Sunday, February 24, 2008

What's REALLY Going On At Our House

I don't wager that any of you think my house is one of idyllic tranquility. Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to give everyone the skinny on our most recent happenings. Now this is a face of peace, isn't it? The Warlock takes the Texas Bar for the first, and hopefully the last, time ever, this week. Good luck!

Pippi, lately, loves to do demonstrations. This is how you eat with chopsticks in Texas:

Here's a better shot of her technique:

This is what happens when I ask Pippi to vacuum her room.
After 15 minutes of her vacuuming her hair, I tell her to hurry and get her pajamas on and then I finish the vacuuming myself. (This pic was taken before "the ban.")

"Look Mom! I can practice this song without any music!" "If you had 100 arms and hands, would you give this song 100 thumbs up?"

This is a picture of Bardo trying to do some filing.


tenacious d said...

Best of luck, Warlock! You'll do great.

Pippi--did you mean the beans to look like little shoes on the end of the chopsticks? And was the vacuuming shot before or after the rollerskate ban? :)

Bardo--adorable as ever.

Hunter--wasn't he just a puppy a couple of months ago?

citymama1 said...

Bar exams stink! Good luck Warlock.

Pippi is a character! Who would have ever thought to combine rollerskating with vacuuming?! Brilliant. I may try it next time.

Prairie Smoke said...

Go for it, Warlock! Never a dull moment at your house.

Pippi has a good idea. There are days I would rather just vacuum my hair than wash it. I also think the vacuum has posibilities as a styling tool.

Amberly said...

your house looks like a great party all the time! my heart just sinks reading "bar exam," however, I'm sure he'll do terrific!

Lisa said...

Awesome Pictures Silly Witch! And Good Luck Warlock. perhaps... Warluck!