Friday, June 20, 2008

So so so so sweet!

Sometimes I think I may unfairly portray Bardo as a little scamp who gets into things and drives me crazy. He does get into things, but I love this little boy SO much. He gives so much love to us all. Right now he's trying really hard to communicate, and doing a great job expressing himself. He occasionally throws tantrums, but they are short-lived, and I don't believe I've ever seen him breathless with frustration. He also recovers quickly from injury favoring new-found words rather than cries to communicate his pain. Here's a list, for lack of a better way to do it, of cute things I've found Bardo saying.

1. When Bardo scrapes his hands or his feet, he cries for a minute. When I ask him what's wrong, he says, "fire ant bite."

2. "Take nap. Please." (This is my favorite thing EVER that he's said.

3. "Eat wunch now please." (The Warlock promptly bought him a hamburger.)

4. "Go see Damon." (or Sara, or Miles, or Isaac) This boy loves his friends, and all kids, really.)

5. "I need hammer."

6. "Ride scooter." or when Pippi's using her scooter he'll say, "Can I ride the scooter now?" (And he can, really, ride a scooter. I'm amazed by his coordination.)

7. "Becca did it." It's always Pippi's fault when he cries, and he doesn't hesitate to tattle...we're letting him get away with it for now because he's so cute. Today he also pointed to a small hole on his pocket and said, "Hunter did it."

8. "Hug," he'll say with arms outstretched.

9. Bardo also has some choice words to say to the dog. "Bad dog." "Go lay down." "Uh oh Hunter."

10. "Sit on motorcycle."

11. He also says "right there" every time he identifies something. "Becca's cup. Right there." "Bicycle. Right there." "Mommy's mascara. Right there."

12. Okay, so I'd better stop, but you get the idea. We think Bardo is the cutest most adorable sweetest almost two year old in the whole wide world.


Lisa said...

You are right! His words are so sweet. I can't wait to see him this summer!

Prudence said...

I was missing being so far away when I read that post. It made me wish our two boys could get together and play. They would love it! I miss you guys!

tenacious d said...

I never have gotten the impression that Bardo's a scamp and drives you crazy. He just sounds like an adorable, lively little boy.

What kind of motorcycle did the Warlock get? Men across America are now saying, "See, Honey? If I get a motorcycle, we're saving on gas!"

The Silly Witch said...

The Warlock got a Harley D. Road King. Of course. It's the loudest. And we are loving those savings. It almost pays for itself with what we're saving in gas. And I have to admit I like riding with him as the passenger.

Prairie Smoke said...

Wow! He is so much fun! I can't wait to see him and Pippi.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Hey Silly Witch! That little dude is so bright! I love when they start speaking! It's my favorite stage! We would love to have you guys come visit us in Okie! The only thing is we probably won't be home until the end of July, but if that's when you are coming, then stay for sure! I don't have your e-mail address, but mine is so you can send me yours and let me know when you are coming! Curt's also there so I know he would love to see you guys too!