Monday, July 21, 2008

Things you should know before embarking on a four day journey with a two-year old and a six-year old:

1. Two year olds need about 6 or 7 different things to do. And they need to change activities every ten minutes.

2. If the two-year old starts crying and doesn't want any of his toys, pull over, change his diaper, and then turn on your favorite music when you get back in the car. He'll fall asleep, just like magic.

3. Six-year olds can watch the DVD player for a LONG time. But they get cranky. Very very cranky.

4. Six-year olds actually like looking out the window, but the DVD player must be put away.

5. Baby carrots are the best travelling snack for everyone. We went through several bags of those things. Bardo especially like the small individual sized packages.

6. Grandma's are better than six-year olds for entertaining two-year olds, but six-year olds will do in a pinch.

7. My mother in-law is the best travelling companion in the world. Really. She's awesome.

8. If the hotel doesn't have a swimming pool it should not even be considered.

9. Driving is easier than taking care of the kids. In the past, I've allowed the Warlock to do the lion's share of the driving. This will happen no longer. Equal portions of driving and child care providing make for a much more pleasant journey.

10. Meal times do not need to be regular if you bring plenty of snacks.


Sisyphus said...

Cost of not letting the Warlock do most of the driving: whatever the prevailing rate is for an extra night of hotel.

Amberly said...

I noticed no mention of drugs... that means you're a nicer mommy than me and probably need some now!

Mel Skonut said...

Having just completed a five-day journey from NJ to NM, and then another drive to Utah and back (a full day of driving each way), I can totally empathize!! I still prefer road trips to flying, even though it takes much longer. I hope you enjoy your stay in Montana!

citymama1 said...

Ah, yes. We have become expert in the road trip as well. Grapes are also a good snack, we've found.

Glad you made it safe. Have a great trip!

Sher said...

Those are great tips. We also enjoy books on tapes as well as lego duplos in the car (too big to get lost!)

Missing you. I hope you are taking lots of pictures of your trip!

Lisa said...

Glad to know that you arrived at the first destination! Can't wait to see you!

tenacious d said...

Ohmygoodness. And to top it off, you're pregnant. You are made of tough stuff, MontanaGirl!

Prudence said...

I'll have to remember your first tip for church . . . I'm glad you are in Montana safely! Have fun. Wishing I was there with you. Maybe in 2 years . . . . (sigh)!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

I say amen to all of these tips! Our journey wasn't quite as long as yours but all the same rules still applied! Moms are awesome to travel with. My mom did the unthinkable on our way out to Oklahoma, she changed a poopie diaper over the back of her seat without even getting the baby out of her car seat! Now that's talent! Hope we get to see you guys in Utah. We're going to be here for two more weeks.

Prairie Smoke said...

I've been havin' a ball. Sure glad you came.

Darrell said...

Perfect timing! We'll be on the road in a few days! Thanks!