Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting Away With Something

Can you think of all the things you get away with? Maybe you are a better person than me, but I've mastered the art of getting away with a few things. I walk my dog off-leash, I go over the speed limit what I think I can get away with, I've yet to get my Texas drivers license (I do have a current license...), and I'm sure I could think of other things if I really racked my brain, but I like to think that I'm a good person.

I like to think that Pippi's a good person, too. But at the ripe age of almost seven she's working on this fine art. Her school has a rule that the children are not to bring toys. Period. Pippi's seen cars confiscated and than donated to a place for children that don't have toys. She talks about these classroom situations frequently. This week, Pippi decided to bring one of our old, non-functioning cell phones to school. The first day, she left it in her backpack. The second day, she brought it to recess.

"Mom, I took this to recess, and Mrs. Nicholas didn't say anything."

"Really?" I say in my coolest, surprised voice.

"Yeah. We're not supposed to take toys to school, but she didn't care about this." She goes on to described D's cars that were confiscated. "Sophia's going to bring her real cell phone tomorrow."

"Huh. So do you think it's okay to do this because you are getting away with it?" I say in my most motherly of tones.

"Mom. This is not a distraction." She holds up the phone like someone on a TV commercial.

"Huh." Right. Apparently, Pippi is more a "spirit of the law" kind of girl instead of a "letter of the law" girl.


Lisa said...

She is so smart! I can't wait to learn about what else she can "get away with!" :)

Witty said...

It's all about the principle of the thing! Right?!

Prairie Smoke said...

Well, that explains why she told me she wanted a cell phone for her birthday.