Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Conversations

Several times a day Bardo touches my heart with his sensitivity and understanding. Today was no exception.

Tonight, after Pippi's bedtime story, Bardo told me that he wanted his scriptures. While I was grabbing our copy Book of Mormon Stories, I grabbed a book with some of Greg Olson's paintings. After we read the story of how The Book of Mormon came to be, we opened the other book. Bardo was intrigued with the picture of Christ and a child intently looking at a beautiful butterfly, a butterfly that's resting on Christ's finger.

"The butterfly is eating his finger." Bardo observed.

"No," I replied, stifling a giggle, "I think the butterfly is resting on Jesus finger...because he's so gentle."

"He's gentle with the boy, too." Bardo told me.

"He's also gentle with me." I said.

"He going to come and visit me. He's going to come and visit me in his car. He has a blue car."

"Oh, really. Well maybe He could bring Stacy for a visit, too."

"Yes. And Sarah too. I'll call Sister Giles. She can come over."

And then I laughed. I laughed because this boy had just filled me to the brim with uncontainable joy. How can a 2 1/2 year-old understand so well a mother's longing?

"You are laughing." He stared at me solemnly.

"Yes, because you make me so happy."


Witty said...

How sweet his precious simple understanding!

Jess said...

What sweet, wonderful, smart kids you are raising...

Melissa said...

I love that little story - it's so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I think a blue car would be perfect! It is amazing how much kids understand.

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

What a kind heart. I just read my sister-in-law's blog about how her son took the baby Jesus out of the nativity for a ride in his tonka truck and was yelling "hang on baby Jesus." I never get tired of these stories, no matter how sweet or totally hilarious!

Prudence said...

Mine kids always talk about Jesus coming to visit and when he comes again. They just seem to know so much so little. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

What a sweet story.

Prairie Smoke said...

This posting is really good. It's magazine quality.
P.S. When He comes, call me too.

Christine said...

Please be sure to call if the blue car appears at your house with three treasured, missed, loved ones! Thank you Bardo.

Sister Giles
p.s. If the car did come, I'm certain we would not allow it to leave--ever!