Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hey, Daddy, You're on Fire!

So, I've had an eventful paternity leave.  I'd planned to take a month off, putter around the house, cleaning and cooking, giving the Witch some time off, and generally not working otherwise.

Instead, I've built a playhouse, taken an emergency trip for six days, done home improvement (major and minor) and taken care of all sorts of things from work.

One of the largest tasks has involved ripping apart a bathroom to take care of a plumbing issue.  For reasons that I don't care to go into, I ended up having to solder a copper t-junction...while said t-junction was in place under a bathtub.  Inside the house.  Not the preferred method, since soldering (for the unitiated) involves a blowtorch and molten metal.

So I had the Witch standing by with a fire extinguisher.  I'm laying on my back, holding the melting metal in one hand, and blowtorch in the other, watching very carefully to make sure I'm not going to burn down the house, not looking at the Witch but hoping she has the extinguisher at the ready.

All of a sudden, I hear a "PFFFT" sound and I can't see or breathe.  And I consequently drop the torch.  I manage to breathlessly fumble around and turn off the torch before I do any damage, managing to keep most of my major digits in the process.  I turn around, and am greeted by a slightly startled Bardo, holding the fire extinguisher.  

I am somewhat ashamed to say that I yelled rather loud.  But I did apologize later.


Lisa said...

well he does have a fire engine shirt. Doesn't that make him a fire fighter too!

Witty said...

Oh Dear! I'm sorry for your rather startling experience, but thanks for a good's on par with Prairie's Bear Spray in the Outhouse experience.

Prudence said...

Sounds like something Bardo's cousin would do!!! Thanks for the great laugh. I'm glad you are all okay though.

Prairie Smoke said...

But doesn't evey little boy want to be a fireman at one time or another?

Pete said...

Wow, that's impressive he could use it. The real fire extinguisher?