Monday, January 26, 2009

We love all of our kids. We really do, but Bardo just provides us with so much material! It's all part of being 2.5 I guess.

Here's a picture of Bardo's laptop (shhhhhh don't tell Pippi). "It's just like Daddy's."
* * *
Bardo, after running around the couch 4 times, suddenly stopped, and said quite seriously, "I'm all out of battery."
* * *
Here's one for the grandmas:


Lisa said...

All of you kids are adorable. those pictures are Great! It is fun to see how "Noel" already looks older!

Prairie Smoke said...

I am glad you are writing all of Bardo's sayings down. Too funny! Noel is starting to lose her newborn look. She seems to be thriving.

Witty said...

Oh my! Thanks for sharing that, I just love giggling over your funny "Bardo Moments" and oooing and awing over your darling girls!

Evan said...

I run out of battery frequently! I'm going to start saying that now.:)

Prudence said...


K said...

I didn't think 2 1/2 year old boys ever ran out of battery. HA! So cute!