Sunday, April 26, 2009


This week deserves a post, but where do I begin?

In a moment of weakness, I told Pippi she could do swim team this year. This week she began practice--every day for 45 minutes. It's worth all the hassle and driving when she rises out of the water, glowing. It could just be the fact that she's wet and the sun is reflecting off of her just right, but she does seem very happy after each practice.

Bardo, however, is not happy. He wants to swim too, but he is not allowed. So we feed the ducks and he feels better until we have to pick Pippi up and look at the pool again.

This week Pippi also had her second grade music performance. I have nothing but wonderful memories of the Christmas Programs and Spring Programs for school when I was growing up, so I was thrilled to watch Bugz. The Warlock caught me singing along without even thinking about it much to his horror (and mine). The kids were darn cute, each dressed up as their "favorite" bug; I should have taken more pictures. Pippi and I designed her wings. When the kids told her ladybugs have red wings with black dots, my self-proclaimed Queen Lady Bug with purple wings and green and pink dots seemed unfettered despite their limited thinking.Friday night I went on a date with the Warlock to the cannery. We picked up three of the guys and headed off to make peanut butter through the night. The Warlock looks good in a hair net, a beard net, and an apron, don't you agree?Saturday morning, Pippi and I put on our first yard sale. We now have space in our attic. It feels good to dejunk.

Saturday afternoon we had our first crawfish boil--yum.

And today, we rested.


Sheralie said...

I can picture it all - especially the cannery and the swim team. It would be so fun to be there too. Ahh we miss you all, I miss you. Thanks for the pictures and news. Love you!

Deon said...

My kids would love to be on a swim team. We don't have one close enough. We are getting ready to do our first yard sale, I'm so excited to de-junk! Sounds like a busy and wonderful week!

Christine said...

During the busy week you also managed to squeeze in a lovely morning visit to my house. I really like the picture you took of Bardo feeding the duck. Cute Pippi looks adorable and happy in her bug costume. Hope you are enjoying another busy week!

Prairie Smoke said...

If you took any video of the musical, I would love to see it.