Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost thirty days of gratitude

I say "almost" because I did skip a few days of blogging, when I felt like I was boring everyone, but I assure you, that as the month progressed I automatically thought of some things I was grateful for as my head hit the pillow. It was good to exercise my gratitude muscles, for I enjoy my life so much more when I get to relive my special, treasured moments at the end of an exhausting day. I also loved reading my blogger friends lists, some radically different from my own, and some very similar, just more cleverly written. I love you girls!

Today I'm grateful for The Warlock. I'm grateful he's found himself through running, that he's happy even though he's experiencing the typical fourth quarter busy time at work.

I'm grateful for Noel. I'm grateful for her giggly personality. She makes us all laugh so much. She's so cute as she tries to mimic our sounds, as she walks to Nick as he holds out mini marshmallows, and as she grabs at our hair when she's so tired she doesn't know what else to do.

I'm grateful for Pippi. I'm not sure how so much wisdom got into her little body, but she teaches me so much. Today she begged for me to pull out my sewing machine so she could turn her ripped jeans into a purse. I pulled it out for her. She threaded it herself (I showed her once, a couple of months ago. I was surprised she remembered how.) as I made dinner and Bardo sliced bananas for a side dish with a butter knife. Unfortunately, she cut the jeans (with scissors, not a butter knife) incorrectly. While upset at first, she quickly pushed her disappointment aside, cutting off pockets, redesigning her purse, so that it would be smaller, different. She sewed her seams and then presented me with her finished product. "Well what do you think? Do you like my purse?" Before I could even look at it, she pulled it to her, looking it over. "It's a little crooked, but I am just a kid. It's a good job for a kid, don't you think?" I used to think that Pippi lacked perfectionism, but today, I see that's not true. She sees error, she probably she sees mismatching, but she knows she's a kid and that it's the experience of creating and learning that matters. She is wise. And she is happy just being a kid. I was not like that. But now, I'm just a kid, too, you know, learning to have courage to try from this precious girl sent to me from Heaven, one of my own angels right here on Earth.

Here's little Bardo, reminding us where to set our sights as we grow. "Jesus loves me" is his battle cry these days.

I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for all the scriptures, but the Book of Mormon really motivates me, empowers me. It has a clarity that the Bible lacks, and it also has forcefulness and urgency that the New Testament lacks. The New Testament says, "Come follow me." The Book of Mormon says, Come Follow me NOW. I will aid you in all the hard things you are going to have to do. I will make those difficult commandments worth your while. I will send angels to you when you need them. When you are on my side, you will win. Always. Okay, so those are not direct quotes, but that is the message of power I receive when I read. I love the Book of Mormon. It is truly a book meant for our time. Read it. It clearly shows and tells that our obedience and devotion will allow the Atonement to bring us close to God, and make us happy--today, and in the eternities. And I'm grateful for a Stake President and a Bishop who direct us to the scriptures.

I'm grateful for Family Home Evening. The Warlock worked late tonight, and instructed us to carry on. Pippi played the opening song, Angels We Have Heard on High, on the piano. Pippi gave the lesson on the restoration of the Gospel while Noel and Bardo played with a jar full of buttons. Bardo made sure Noel only touched the giant buttons. Pippi made sure Bardo at least glanced at each microscopic picture taped to her fingers. It was chaos, but fun. We then decided we were going to fill a jar full of buttons of our kind acts and that we would have a party when it was full. Bardo immediately agreed if the movie Cars could be part of that party. Noel started pulling hair with excitement, so we put her to bed, played animal charades, sang I Am a Child of God (Bardo's pick), and ate Oreos and milk. It was fun. I like my family.


tenacious d said...

Oh, Witchie, I just love you!! Thanks for the great synopsis of the Book of Mormon and the story of tonight's FHE. Oh, and of course more Pippi being Incredible Pippi. And Bardo, and Noel being adorable also.

Lisa said...

I am so thankful for your family! Kael would probably love to come join the party as long as Cars will be played! :)

rebecca said...

Loved reading your gratefuls this past months. Just wanted you to know that. And you are a very clever writer. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!
Rebecca Jennejohn

Tiffany W. said...

I checked out the link to those pictures and it made me laugh.. those ARE tiny pics! Ha! :)

I am dying to see a pic of Pippi's purse. I can't sew for the life of me... so the fact that she would just take a pair of jeans and create a purse...even if it was imperfect... AMAZES me!