Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grateful-Day 11

1. My car--It gets me where I need to go. It's reliable, as stylish as a minivan can be and can easily haul the kids and the dog AND my bulky double stroller.
2. Clean counters
3. Walking paths
4. Pippi--Today I went out searching for Pippi when she didn't arrive home from school at the usual time. I found her exploring the bushes. She came up to the car, a gentle smile on her face. "Mom, I was okay. I was using my time wisely." She opened her hands to reveal three multicolored fall leaves, a fluffy golden grass plume, and two beautiful pansies, one purple, one yellow. She told me the yellow was her favorite and why. And she wanted to know which one I liked best. Somehow taking her time, savoring her surroundings, and going as slowly as possible is Pippi's definition of "using time wisely." Pippi is my living reminder to stop, look, ponder, enjoy.
5. Good health


tenacious d said...

Once again, Pippi is the perfect heroine of a very entertaining children's book.

Amberly said...

pippi's very sincere spirit is inspiring.

Lisa said...

I agree with Pippi. What a great way to use her time!

Witty said...

Pippi's definitely right, exploring nature is an excellent use of time.

Sheralie said...

What a cute story. I am glad we took so many hours walking home from school with her because we can't any more!