Thursday, November 12, 2009


1. Eggs--What would easter be without them? How could we make cookies or cakes without eggs? And is there a faster dinner on a day when the kids are on the verge of breaking down than a meal that includes eggs?
2. Friends- Today a friend watched my kids while I went to DPS to get my driver's license. I watched half a dozen other mothers manage their children while I was there. I just sat there and did crossword puzzles, knowing that my kids were playing, eating, and if they needed to, sleeping. And then there were friends at the park who don't even bat an eye when they see Noel eating wood and dirt. Love it.
3. The Warlock--I missed his calls when he was busy at work. I love it when he walks through that front door--always with a smile, even after a long day.
4. My steam cleaner that will shortly be used to degooberize my couch. Fun way to spend an evening, eh?
5. Friendly numbers and watching Pippi use them to solve a math problem in a very unique way. The way they teach math nowadays is fascinating. It's kind of like teaching a child to swim by showing them a life jacket, goggles, flippers, and modelling several different strokes. They then throw the child into the water, calling "Which method of swimming would you like to try to use? Are you going to use the flippers this time? What about floaties? Now now, don't panic..." It seems to be working, I just hope it doesn't traumatize some kids.


Lisa said...

I think degooberization is a great way to spend an evening!

Sheralie said...

I love your analogy for math these days, so true. And I love you grateful posts. I need to be more grateful.