Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pippi at age 8

1. Pippi prefers her broom to every other mode of transportation. Her favorite sport is Quidditch. Her position of choice is "seeker."

2. She does not like pink anymore, making half her wardrobe unwearable.
3. She is a self-proclaimed tomboy.
4. I have had to take her book away to aid her in focusing on her chores, her bath, etc.
5. Pippi adores Noel, and loves trying to get her to say words. Noel adores her right back and just today learned the phrase, "Eew. Stinky," after a brief lesson from Pippi in the car.
6. Pippi has a great laugh.
7. Pippi is becoming very responsible. I can trust her to ride her bike to and from school. She locks her bike from the rear so that no one can steal it.
8. Pippi did a project for the science fair at school this year. She loved it, even though she needed a lot of guidance and help. When she finished the project she fell asleep in front of it looking at it, appreciating her hard work.
9. When Pippi was 3 we lived in Wallsburg, UT. She had a very special teacher. The Warlock and I taught Stacy's class, which was just a divider away from Pippi's class so we could hear what was going on. Every week her teacher played the song, Jesus Said Love Everyone to all those little Sunbeams. The message sunk in. Years later Pippi would nightly ask for that song before bed. I believe Pippi has a tremendous capacity to love others.
10. Pippi doesn't like to be alone and she doesn't like to be left out.


Lisa said...

I love everything about pippi! I couldn't help but see myself in those pictures of her on her broom! (that's a great compliment cause I think I am pretty cool! :) hehe)

tenacious d said...

She so rocks! I mean, really, she is just an amazing person in so many ways. It's fun to have the blog to be able to watch her grow.

Deanna said...

You have one amazing family. No doubt in part to you being an amazing wife and mother yourself!

Prairie Smoke said...

It's interesting how traits come down through the generations. Needing to confiscate a book so a child will get chores done is a Robertson trait if I ever saw one.

citymama1 said...

Awesome. I swear Pippi and Offspring are kindred spirits. We're going through a Harry Potter stage and collecting materials needed to make a wand. :)

Jess said...

I love a good reader! :)

Nancy said...

sometimes i look at pictures of her and she still looks like the little girl I knew in NYC but all stretched out. she is so tall!

Witty said...

How fun. She truly is a terrific girl and I can't wait until you come visit this summer!