Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things that I love and things that drive me crazy about Bardo (3.75 yrs old) right now.

1. If there is ice cream in the freezer, he cannot think about anything but eating the ice cream in the freezer. He will finish off a half gallon under the table if I don't keep my eyes on him. Tonight he tried to lock me in the laundry room after I put him to bed so he could get to the ice cream.

2. He wakes up early every morning, usually before 6 AM. If I am not awake yet he put his face in my face and tells me he's dressed and ready to go.

3. It takes some work to get him to do a job around the house, but he loves working with me.

4. He is not yet patient with Noel drooling all over his stuff. He is happy to bring her one of his own toys.

5. His friends are important to him and he prays for them each night.

6. He likes to tell stories. Sometimes he'll tell the same story several times in a row, changing the main character, or a small detail. Tonight he took a story I told him, put himself as the main character and removed the legs from the bull in my story. He even made sure to change bulls mode of transportation from running to rolling. His version was much more amusing than mine.

7. He dreams about fighting bad guys using a motorcycle with guns built into it. At least I assume he's talking about his dreams when he tells me these crazy stories in the morning.

8. He prefers cold cereal over any other kind of breakfast. He prefers over easy eggs to scrambled. (Stacy and Pippi liked hard boiled at age 3.) His favorite food is still cheese although he likes pizza an awful lot.

9. He can't do a backwards somersault, but he's trying.

10. He likes wild swing rides. He knows how to pump his legs but wants an under dog every time he gets on the swing.

11. He uses the powder room sink to, um, play. He's dumped no fewer than four bottles of generic window cleaner down that sink. He's dumped a bottle of cinnamon, about four cups of whole wheat flour. One time I found him with a Boomwhacker making a water slide that dumped onto the floor using the powder room faucet. He told me he was ice skating.

12. Urine urine everywhere could be the theme of helping Bardo to perfect his aim. Luckily he tells me whenever he pees on the wall so I can clean it up.

13. He likes girls sometimes. He gets jealous of Pippi's friends and plays the annoying little brother role very very well.

14. Cars is still his favorite movie and he can quote several lines, mostly the really mean ones.

15. He delighted us all by mispronouncing cantaloupe the other day. He said camp-a-lope. I realized then that he rarely mispronounces words now.


citymama1 said...

Boys. That Bardo is quite the charcter! I have a feeling he and Sam would get along splendidly.

Lisa said...

What a character! I love little boys!

Nancy said...

he sounds like a blast!

pizza has lots of cheese on it so that makes sense.

Deanna said...

Oh he's got you on your toes! What fun things to remember (even if they drive you nuts now!).

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

You are so good at documenting all of the stages. I think Bardo and Amos would be instant friends. They have a lot in common.

Nancy said...

for sure let me know when you go to disneyland!

Prairie Smoke said...

Heavens! He has quite a personality. It's uncanny how much he looks like you at this age. The bathroom sink exploits don't sound easy.

tenacious d said...

Rowdy says, "Sounds like an awesome kid! I want to meet him someday and mentor him. He can be my Anakin."

(I told him about the motorcycle with guns on it and that Bardo was a darling redheaded boy.)

Witty said...

I was checking blogs during lunch this week, and my coworkers wanted to know what was so funny...I just had to share a few of these stories with them. Thanks for the good chuckle.

Witty said...

I was just remembering two summers ago when he kept calling the grape juice "berry milk". He's so fun!