Thursday, June 03, 2010

California Dreamin'

Today, the Mama and the Papa are piling the kids into the van and starting the long drive to California, where a certain famous mouse and his friends reside. We are meeting up with the GrandMama and the GrandPapa (and the Aunt and Uncle) there for a week of play. If we're not quite Dust Bowl refugees, we do have a bunch of stuff piled on our van - enough that I am considering writing "The Joad Family" underneath the kitschy stick figures of us on the rear window.

Pictures and possibly video (assuming I find time to edit) will be forthcoming.


Jess said...

Have fun! We are headed to the eastern home of the Mouse in September. Can't wait to see your pics!

Jaime said...

Please tell me you don't have your real names under the stick figures or your real last name on that sticker. I might have to make fun of you for that - otherwise, I am terribly jealous we aren't joining you in the magical kingdom. I wanna come! Look forward to awesome pics and kicking your bum in the fitness challenge. Was I just talking trash? Oh my. Forgot myself for a moment.

The Warlock said...

No stick figures are named on our vehicle, although if the Witch were pregnant I would be sure to dub her figure "Rosasharn".