Thursday, June 03, 2010

Vacation Day 1

-Bardo wondering why the day was so long before we could get in the car in the afternoon to go to Disneyland.
-Pippi crawling across the floor in the hotel so as not to block the television while her Papa was watching a basketball came.
-Boo's total enjoyment of "peek-a-boo' in the car
-Bardo giving himself a puffy, red eye when he snapped himself with a stretchy toy. Pippi crying because she'd been the one to share it with him and she felt badly that he'd been hurt.
-Boo communicating in charades that she was finally ready to be put to bed in the hotel crib and then curling up and going to sleep.
-Bardo brushing his teeth 5 times with his new vacation toothbrush and then taking it to bed and falling asleep with it and the toothbrush in hand.
-The Warlock telling me not to use his user account because it could have stuff he doesn't want me to see on it. What am I supposed to say to that?
-Driving in pounding rain.
-Freaking the Warlock out twice with my driving.
-Staying up late, drying clothes out because our car topper, though water resistant, couldn't resist the kind of rain we were driving through.


The Warlock said...

By "stuff I don't want you to see," I mean future gift/vacation planning documents. Also, porn. ;)

The Silly Witch said...

You, Warlock, had better watch out or I'm going to start deleting your comments.

The Warlock said...

That's it! Nobody's going to Disneyland! Nobody!

Sheralie said...

You get to drive sometimes? Lucky mama. This one always ends up being a pony show in the middle or back seat :)

Tiffany W. said...

I find his comments rather amusing. :)

have a blast in Disneyland!

we had Eli's party today and we missed Bardo. But truth be told... he didn't miss out on much... it was two hours of total chaos. Never again!!! :)

Lisa said...

umm that is quite a busy day! Your tone sounds happy despite a couple of less than perfect incidences.