Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vacation - a bit moree

- Enjoying the desert scenery - the desolation is enchanting (except for El Paso).
- Running away from Tucson as fast as we could, after a pretty bad scare.
- Watching Boo go from terror to delight when seeing the real life Disney characters (Tigger did the trick). And watching Bardo finally make his peace with Captain Hook - but not before making him cry first.
- Chuckling evilly when Bardo really things that all the fast rides are "AWESOME!" instead of lying about it just to please Dad (which is what his older sisters did).


Witty said...

Trouble in Tucson? It sounds like the title of a Nancy Drew novel...do we get details?

tenacious d said...

Bardo made Captain Hook cry? Way to go!

Lisa said...

ya tuscon is scary. Boys love to go FAST!