Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jelly Legs

Usually I'd think that a birthday spent without the Witch and Kids would be a bad idea. But it turned out that the Top of Utah marathon was on my birthday, and I figured that spending four hours trying run down a mountain with 4000 people I've never met (not entirely true - I ran with a friend and met another there) in a city I've never visited (really! I'd never been to Logan) would be a great way to turn 33.

And it was. I finished in under 4 hours, thanks to a brother who jumped in at the right time to pace me and a brother-in-law who gave me some great form tips. It was very nice to see the parents there, and even nicer to see their amazement at all the "old" people who run these things. Nicest of all was the huge chocolate milk my mom brought to the finish line.

Of course I signed up for another.


Witty said...

Good work Warlock. I'm totally impressed by people who run marathons, young and old!

Lisa said...

Go Silly Warlock!

Prairie Smoke said...

I can't imagine even WANTING to run a marathon.