Thursday, October 07, 2010


So where have I been while I've been neglecting my blog, you may ask? I would say I've been obsessing. I'm prone to obsession. In fact I would say this tendency of mine to "over-think" things prevents me from executing even a tenth of my ideas.

I decided a month ago I wanted to paint my house, and since then I've been living and breathing paint swatches and testers. 2 weeks ago the kitchen was painted blue. I immediately loved it. It matched perfectly with the cabinets and the stainless steel appliances. I then decided I wanted a yellow for the main areas of the house. Everyone says yellow is tricky. And it is. And it's bright. And now it's on my walls all over the house. And so now I'm obsessing some more, but now is not the time to obsess for hundreds of dollars have already been spent on paint and labor. So today my task is to stop obsessing and be grateful for walls to paint and pictures to hang. And I think I'll just take some deep breaths.

I'll post pictures when the project is complete so you can say your sympathetic and soothing words.


Amberly said...

I know that while paint on the walls seems minor, it really can cause a pit in your stomach if you don't love it! I hope that either it grows on you or that you have the ability to change it. I've decided home is the one place we have control over to be comfortable for us. here's wishing you peace from obsessing!

Sheralie said...

Yellow is tricky, I felt mixed feelings about my yellow. But I would give anything for a good or bad yellow these days after 2 1/2 years of white walls. Yuck.

Natalie said...

Ohhhh. . . I want to come and see it. Maybe tomorrow? I worried about my color choices after we finished it, but now I don't worry anymore.

Lisa said...

I will tell you my sympathetic words before you post the pictures. I am sure the paint looks fabulous because you have excellent taste. I love yellow! Can't wait to see the pictures.