Saturday, October 30, 2010

Volleyball--Fall 2010

I coached Pippi's team this year. I was pleased and surprised to discover that the girls would improve quickly this year. They still don't keep their bums down in ready position, but I suppose that will come as they get stronger. Most of them developed mean underhand serves.
The girls never had bad attitudes, had perfect sportsmanship, and were a complete joy to be around. I'll miss them. I didn't manage to get many good shots of Pippi.
However, she improved a lot this year. She also stuck with it the whole season, and might even be willing to try volleyball again. As we walked out of the YMCA, Pippi talked about practicing her serves in the backyard with me.


Prairie Smoke said...

Volleyball is so fun. The Silly Witch was in our local paper all the time for her volleyball achievements.

Witty said...

Pippi looks so much like you in that picture Silly Witch!