Monday, November 01, 2010

My Home

Today I'm grateful for my house. The Warlock and I spent many years living on top of each other, and it is nice to have room to be ourselves. I'm grateful for the new paint on the walls, the furniture to sit on, the bathrooms to clean, the dog that we can have now that we have a home. I'm grateful for the neighbors that look forward to seeing my kids in costume at their door on Halloween. I'm grateful for the driveway so Bardo can ride his scooter in circles in order to release his excess energy and the incline on the driveway for Boo to ride her Cozy Coupe down. I'm grateful for the swings in the backyard and the slide that Bardo felt needed to be a water slide today. (Yes it's still warm enough for that here.) I'm grateful for the washer and dryer, supersized to help me keep up with the laundry. I'm grateful for an attic and a garage. And I'm grateful to be stay-at-home mom today instead of a run-all-the-gas-out-of-the-car mom (like I have been the past month or so).

Other thoughts:

-We ate a late dinner in the dining room today. The whole family loved it. I still had to feed the little ones at 5, but I think we'll be making dinner with the Warlock a new habit.

-Boo loves to color. Everywhere. We have to watch her carefully. Today she tried to draw a face on paper. She showed me the eyes. She's getting pretty good at circles.

-I threw out Bardo's candy today. He had a great time getting it, but really, we have to eat other things then candy. If it's near he tries to get into it the minute my back is turned. It's better for both of us if he's not constantly getting into trouble. Pippi shared her candy with him for a FHE treat.

-I watched Pippi go through her candy today. "Mom, you can have all the chocolate." And then, "Why don't we just throw away all the sour stuff?"

-I started a new book with Pippi tonight, The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I didn't read this as a kid.

-Bardo taught Boo how to use a NERF blaster today.

-Bardo napped today and still went to bed on time.


Amberly said...

I must say that having a break from driving all over creation is a blessing indeed! I relish the days without lessons or obligations. and naps with bedtimes is a double blessing in my book!

Witty said...

What a great way to start off my favorite month of the year. Thanks for your thoughts. I'm grateful for you!

Jess said...

You've never read From the Mixed-Up Files?? Oooh, you and Pippi are in for a treat.

As a side note, here is a good blog for finding new titles for Pippi to read:

Sheralie said...

That is one of my most memorable books from my childhood and may be responsible for my intense love for museums. Maybe I will recommend Pete to read that to Jeff. Thanks. Jeff seems to be always one step behind R.