Friday, November 05, 2010


Today I'm grateful for

1. Color--On my walls, in my children's personalities, in the gardens around here, on playground equipment, in school rooms, everywhere. Life would be boring without color.

(My Red (SW Bolero) Wall)

(My green (SW Green Sprout) Dining Room)
2. Happy children, getting along.
(Note the adorable bangs)

3. Little girls who stick up for themselves

4. New babies--I held a brand new little girl today. It's nice to have new little friends.
5. Places to put in order, tomorrow...
(Game Room, (SW Vast Sky)


Prudence said...

I'm jealous of the color in your house!

Flora said...

You have a beautiful home! did you paint your foyer? We have a tall foyer and Josh says he will NEVER get on a ladder to paint it ... which leaves me to wonder if I will ... I really want some color in my life :)

Amberly said...

the colors are fantastic and boo's bangs are so darling!

The Silly Witch said...

FYI--I didn't paint the walls myself. I had a painter bring his ladder in and do it. They only used a ladder for the edging, the rest they hit with a roller on a long handle. I was happy I didn't do it myself when I saw him perched precariously on the ladder as he was touching up the window sills. Bardo told me he wanted to be a painter when he grew up when they left our home.

Sheralie said...

Gorgeous. Can't decide which is my favorite, the blue or the green. I especially like your centerpiece on the table.

Lisa said...

The color looks great. I love the dining room, it is a perfect shade of green!

Witty said...

It looks sooo beautiful! I love the read contrast in the family room, and that shade of green is one of my favorites (I have a bedspread more or less that color!). I love your colorful children as well! I miss you all.