Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Gratefuls

I'm grateful I can run four miles. I spent a long time with a stupid Achilles injury. It's healed now, and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm grateful for trees, and the way that they are reminders of how beauty can come in different shapes, sizes, and kinds. They are reminders of how we can stand tall no matter what has happened to us and what we've been through. If a tree loses a branch it still looks distinguished. Some of the trees I ran beneath this morning cracked from high winds during the hurricane a couple of years ago, yet they just stand there, as green as ever, growing from all sides even though they are missing their top. Also trees remind us that things take time to reach their full potential. I planted a tree in my yard last weekend to replace one that had died. It looks a little ridiculous next to my other, larger, trees, but it will grow, and probably get prettier every year.

I'm grateful for dishcloths and the way that I'm finding them (the clean ones) tenderly placed over baby dolls and stuffed animals by my nurturing little Boo.

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Prairie Smoke said...

I am grateful I don't have to walk everywhere I want to go. Although, if I did have to walk, I suppose weight would never be a problem.