Monday, November 08, 2010

Today I'm grateful Bardo mopped the entryway floor even if his sole intent was to show how fast he could run over a slippery floor without falling.  I'm grateful that Pippi can turn around a disappointing day and find many good things to tell me and than even make up beautiful Thanksgiving songs during Family Home Evening.  I'm thankful that the Warlock found someone good to cut his hair today.  (I feel annoyed when his awesome hair looks funny.)  I'm grateful for Boo's nursery teachers.  She really loves them.  When I walked in the nursery to pick Boo up yesterday I was just in time to watch Boo run into Tiffany's arms and give her a big huge hug.  She really trusts those ladies, and I'm so glad.

And I'm grateful for sweet pictures and fond memories


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