Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday thanks

I'm stealing the blog today to post my thankfuls. And today I'm thankful for a Silly Witch who patiently looked at me with that puppy-dog looks she gets while she listened to me express a deep and important concern of mine (not about her!) that a lesser woman would have blanched at. And I'm thankful that, with that same look and just the right amount of humor, she helped me talk my way through it, and left me feeling better at the end. Her calmness breeds the trust I need when I can be honest with no other soul with my private - and sometimes troubling - thoughts.

Thank you, Witchy.


The Silly Witch said...

I just want to look at the Warlock's post for awhile longer. It's nice to be so loved. So today I'll post in the comment section.

Today, I'm grateful for our fire pit and the way it makes cooking dinner so much fun. I'm grateful for cool weather. I'm grateful for frequent flyer miles and the big bucks they will save us so the Warlock can attend a funeral in UT this week. I'm grateful Baba and grandpa came to visit us a little over a year ago. We made good memories during that time, and I will always be able to tell my kids how loved they were by her. I'm grateful for Baba's letters that she would sometime send. Sometimes the only way you can really tell what is in someone's soul is to read what they write. Through these letters I know that all Baba every wanted in this world is for her family to live with God again. She believed. I am grateful for this hope, and I hope the same thing.

Amberly said...

you are both darling. good luck while the warlock is away. it's true, you know, what he says. you are steady and rational and a very good listener. I'm wishing you were closer to me all the time.

Witty said...

It's true, my sister is AWESOME.