Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cute Things

-Boo, holding out her arms while Bardo's crying, saying, "Bardo come sit on my lap."

-Pippi, walking around reading and spelling every word she sees to Bardo and then quizzing him on letters and their sounds.

-Bardo, wearing high water pants.  He's growing like crazy.

-Pippi, galloping around the basketball court, taking care not to double dribble or travel.

-Bardo, holding one finger in the air, telling the dog to sit and stay, and when he does giving him a huge hug.

-Boo, everything she says and does:  "I wuv you Daddy," she says as she tackles the Warlock with an energetic hug."  "I need my bed,"  she calls, a few minutes before bed time after she's been washed and pajammed.  "Where's Pippi?"  she asks as we sit down to dinner when Pippi's at a friends house.  She sings to her babies, makes little beds for them in drawers and step stools, and gives her babies "milk."  She tells Bardo her baby is poopy and then shares her doll with him for the diaper change.  She'll share her food as long as your not trying to take it off her plate.  She says hi to everyone she sees and keeps saying hi until you say hi back.  She waves to everyone,even the doggies, and says, "Bye bye see you waiter..."  She understands pecking order and likes bossing around the dog.  He usually listens; I guess he understands pecking order, too.


Lisa said...

I like those kids!

tenacious d said...


Prairie Smoke said...

I am so glad you share what kind of people the kids are at this age.

Witty said...

I wished I'd been their when Boo asked Bardo to sit on her lap. So cute!