Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Peaceful Sunday, not a frantic Sunday

I've decided 1:00 p.m. church is just what I need.  This morning Pippi and Bardo woke up, got Boo out of bed.  Pippi must have even changed her diaper while I slept all the way in until 7:15 am.  Pippi and Bardo busied themselves building blanket forts in the play room (with the Lewis's chairs ;-)) while I made a quick breakfast.  We all (except for the Warlock, who believes that Sunday is a day of extreme rest after a hard Saturday of play) sat down to a joyful breakfast.  I even read a couple of stories to the kids out of the Book of Mormon readers.  Boo and I walked the dog quickly after breakfast clean up, leaving the Warlock to more sleep and Pippi and Bardo to their tents.  We got home, made a lunch, put Boo down for a morning nap, played around, got ready and were actually early to church, thanks to Pippi and Bardo accepting a bribe of chocolates to work together to get Bardo ready.

The kids spent their after-church time cleaning up the huge mess they'd made with the play tents.  Pippi made up games to try to get Bardo to help.  That girl is so good at getting  Bardo to work while he hardly realizes he's working.  She reminds me of my sister Lisa in so many good, fun ways.

We had salmon for dinner with green beans, carrots, guacamole (for dipping carrots in), salad and spaghetti.  (My secret's out:  my meals are usually healthy but the menu lately has been a little random.) During the meal, Bardo showed me that we did not have a salt and pepper shaker, but a salt and pepper rocket.  When you visit us you'll have to ask him to explain its mechanics.

After dinner, the kids cleaned more, but got a little side-tracked when they discovered the snowflake lights we hung in the yard last year.  After I finished bathing Boo, I helped them hang the lights in their play room window.

Boo needed her bed, so Pippi, Bardo, and I huddled together on the couch, covered in a big blanket, watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.  I started to feel more in the spirit of Christmas. During the devotional, Bardo stood up.  "Where are you going?" I asked.
 "To get something."
 "What kind of a something?"  I asked just knowing he was getting into some food.
 "Something that won't make a mess..." He answered, knowing me better than I thought he did.  He reappeared with a bag of frozen pecans, asking, "This won't make a mess, right mom?"
"Not if you let me hold the bag and you eat one at a time." I replied.  So we parked that bag on my lap Pippi on one side, Bardo on the other.  Bardo ate pecans until he was satisfied and then started pretending they were airplanes and flying them quietly around his head.
The kids watched the Orchestra on Temple Square with fascination.  Pippi wants to play the oboe, flute, clarinet, and violin along with the the piano and recorder that she's already learning.  She told me she might need to do both band and orchestra.  I told her she'd probably have to choose one thing at a time.  Bardo told me that he was going to be a singing Dad, and that he would be able to juggle six instruments, and play 21 instruments.  Pippi and I grinned at each other.  I told him I would like it very much if he would grow up to be a "singing dad."


tenacious d said...

It sounds lovely! Bardo delights me in how he talks about what kind of dad he wants to be.

Lisa said...

I love you all. I am so glad the Christmas spirit is reaching my family everywhere!

Witty said...

What a nice Sunday to have. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Prairie Smoke said...

Who would have thought 1:00 pm church could be a good thing. I'm glad you had a good day. I enjoyed the Christmas Devotional also.