Thursday, January 13, 2011


Bardo burst into my room this morning, nude except for one of Boo's flowered muslin receiving blankets flowing from his shoulders like a cape.  Boo followed close behind, completely naked as well.  He explained to me that he was feeling gooey when he woke up and so he decided to take a bath.  Yeah right, I thought to myself.  This is the kids that would go around with orange hands if I let him.  You see, I know the truth behind the bathing fetish.  This is the truth--a temperature sensitive Lightning McQueen.  Why not dip yourself and your sister in warm water while trying to get your McQueen to change colors?  It makes perfect a four-year old.  Boo loves it, though, so I helped unfasten her overalls for the second color-changing session after dinner.


Lisa said...

we sometimes take 2 baths a day too! The boys love baths and we got some awesome new bathtoys this christmas! The only draw back is I have to start adding baby oil in the winter because it is sooo dry.

Witty said...

I can't help but be pleased, knowing that it was I who gifted him that particular toy. Who would have thought that it could provide a year's worth of enjoyment?

Prairie Smoke said...

I need several temperature-sensitive Lighting McQueen. Two of my grandsons had a tiff over one at Christmas. And next time you visit, make sure you bring yours if any cousins are here so we can avoid fighting.