Saturday, January 01, 2011


This year I'm going to organize my house and my time so I can really do the things that are important to me.  And I'm going to drink more water.

Last year I tried to go to bed by ten.  It was hard, and I couldn't make it every night.  So I'm going to continue with this goal, adjusting it to 10:30. I am stronger and nicer when I get enough sleep.

So I guess my focus this year is self-discipline.  I'll need it to stay away from time-wasters like internet surfing, mindless eating, catalog shopping, unscheduled reading, and other distractions.  This is year I want to stay on track instead of constantly being side-tracked.

Pippi has decided she wants to be more organized.

Bardo should be able to read, at least a little by the end of this year.

And Boo should be potty-trained by the end of this year!

What are you focusing on this year?


tenacious d said...

I'm doing small, weekly challenges. My hope is that they work together to help me develop some very good habits this year.

Sheralie said...

Love it! You sound so much like me, I guess that is why we are friends :) Still working on my final 5 goals for the year, though. Will be unveiled soon :) Love you. Good luck with your goals! They are worth striving for, even if we don't hit perfection.

Prairie Smoke said...

Good luck. Disorganization has always been a problem for me. I finally figured out that I want to do too many things and that is why I can't keep up.

Alicia said...

Organization seems to be on many minds of late. I've been thinking of that too. Maybe it's just the nesting stage of prengnacy!

Good luck on the marathon!

Witty said...

We're having a Relief Society meeting about organization this Tuesday. I'm really excited about any potential good tips that I'll be able to apply in my life. I'll be sure to pass them on if they're worth sharing!