Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dress clothes and Garbage disposals and other stuff

The children's Christmas clothes came in the mail this week.  I've been so excited all week to take pictures of them in their cute new clothes.  The first thing Bardo said when I opened his box was, "Mom, I hate  those clothes.  I hate those shoes."  He's also having a hard time transitioning from shorts to pants now that it's a bit chilly.  And he's struggling with the change from toddler clothes to little boy clothes.  I guess he's change-adverse--unless of course the new shoe has flashing lights or the new shirt has a big picture of a truck on the front.  He's also willing to wear new basketball shorts. Unfortunately, I couldn't find light-up church shoes.

Boo and Pippi were beside themselves with excitement at their new clothes, especially their cute black T-strap shoes.  It's the first time Boo and Pippi have ever matched, and Pippi was excited, even if it was just at the shoe.  In fact Pippi was so excited that she dressed for church 4 hours early.  So of course her tights formed a hole somehow and then a large ugly run appeared.  She begged to wear her black footless tights promising to pull them down around her toes.  Boo happily dressed in her new dress, a black velvet with roses on the hem, topped by a mixed soft yarn sweater with a faux-fur collar. I put a large black bow in Pippi's hair in the back, and a small black bow Boo's side from pig-tail.  Bardo looked sharp for about ten seconds.  He threw his tie off immediately.  I decided not to battle for the tie this day.  I was nearly ready to take the picture when the Warlock suggested we wait until after church when his hair looked better. (I'm just telling it like it is, here.  I don't understand that train of logic at all.)  I copped an attitude, by looking at the floor, and saying something slightly smug, knowing that after church would not work at all.  Does anything besides dinner work for your family after going to church for three hours in the late afternoon?

So we rushed off to church.  I got a new calling today, Young Women's secretary.  It was an answer to prayer, I'm choosing to believe; I want to think that the call was a huge vote of confidence from the Lord telling me that he knows I can learn to put things in order and help manage things.  Besides, I love YW.  It will be a good place to be.

Bardo removed his vest during sacrament meeting.  Pippi and Bardo had a fight over me (isn't that just sweet...) during the sacrament.  Boo doesn't have the words for fighting down yet, but she sure has the angry, stern tone that is suitable for telling people to back off.  The Warlock scurried Boo out of the chapel.

After sacrament meeting I made my primary class come and watch while I helped Bardo recite the thirteenth article of faith.  Bardo is extremely shy, and I count it success that he manage to do some of it.  Last time, he refused to get up there at all.

After teaching my class, I popped behind the primary piano to fill-in as the primary accompanist.  I looked over and saw Pippi with a hole in her footless tights.  When she was called to help out in primary I noticed that she went up there without shoes on, breaking her promise to conceal the footless nature of said tights.

When we arrived home we of course were not in top picture form, so Pippi tried to clean out the bowl she borrowed from the kitchen to wash and examine the rocks she collected during our geological excursion (a.k.a.-walk) we went on yesterday.  While doing so she accidentally dropped some very small pebbles down our garbage disposal, jamming it.  She quickly escaped to her "laboratory" where she was "attending to scientific matters."  I just attended to my "womanly duties" and removed the tiny piece of gravel stuck in my disposal with a mini screwdriver, fixing it so it will live another day to eradicate more pieces of uneaten food.  Now I will swiftly prepare this for breakfast tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone, may you rest well.


tenacious d said...

May YOU rest well! Sounds like a very trying day.

The Silly Witch said...

These kinds of day are normal. It was a fine day.

Lisa said...

totally. nothing pictures planned for after church never happen at our house either! Better Luck next Sunday!

Witty said...

Oooh that breakfast looks yummy, I'm going to have to try it...

Prairie Smoke said...

One time when we were having a problem getting you to wear new clothes, my Mom commented that she never like new clothes either. Do you think a dislike of new clothes could be hereditary?

Sheralie said...

My boys are not too fond of Sunday clothes. It is a sore subject at times at our house. I can understand Bardo's complaints after listening to so many (especially in the Philippines.)

This post also made me think of President Monson's most recent talk to the RS. About photos and all they don't really tell us. Sometimes they don't tell the whole story or capture the essence of who people really are. Maybe sometime I will write a treatise on how I feel about photos being false.

Anyhow, I suppose my rantings don't matter. Hope you get a satisfactory photo of your darlings. I love your children so much. And you. I miss you and our walks home through the woods.

Stephanie said...

Hi Maren! I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog or not. And if not, I'm not sure why. Anyway, whenever I visit your blog I come away smiling. Your perspective on life is so completely refreshing. Thanks!