Sunday, March 13, 2011


We're busy.  School, Church, and just the daily necessities (laundry, mealtimes, exercise, reading, going to the park) fill up our schedule.  Luckily Boo can occasionally miss a nap (like on Sundays, every week) without too much of a meltdown.
Bardo was as pleased as can be with his Valentine box last month.  This kid loves school.  He carefully wrote his name on every single valentine.  The valentine he chose this year were sticker puzzles.  He did about half of them before the party, and I felt we were lucky to have enough left to give to classmates.  There weren't enough for the teachers.  Whoops.
Last weekend Pippi's school had a carnival.  My kids spent nearly all of their tickets in the bounce house/slides and on the petting zoo and pony rides.  Boo didn't ride the pony, but she loved the petting zoo.  There were pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, sheep, goats, and even a fawn.  It was hard to get the kids out of there--so hard that I missed bidding on the classroom baskets and items they were auctioning.  I was a little disappointed because I discovered one of my neighborhood friends was an artist and had donated a piece of artwork to the auction.
Luckily, we won this at the preschool auction fundraiser that was last weekend.
We also managed to hit The Rodeo and Livestock Fair this weekend.  Mostly we just go for the food.  We started with this:
Corn and Pickles
And it all just went downhill (healthwise) from there.

Would you believe me if I said we only got the Jalapeno Lemonade?

I didn't think so.  We also tested out the fried Key Lime Pie and the Fried S'more.  I didn't get pictures because I had to prevent the children from eating the spilled pieces off of the table and the ground.  In case you were wondering, Bardo did not finish his sausage on a stick.  He tried hard, but gave up after I asked him how his belly was feeling.  He replied, "I have a tummy ache and a belly ache now." 

Boo was delighted by the chicks.
Everybody loves bunnies
Pippi with guinea pig

After the petting zoos at the children's school I really didn't think we'd need to see more animals.  But my kids are always game for more animals.  Bardo and Pippi liked ALL the animals.  Boo liked all the animals accept she wouldn't touch the worms.  She's the first of my children to not like worms.  Wimp.  Or maybe she just thought rodeo worms were unsanitary because I'm sure I've seen her touching our backyard worms.
The children also enjoyed watching some pink piglets be born in the birthing center at the Livestock show.  I could hear Boo, from my shoulders ask, "Can I hold one?"  They were super cute.

Watching Boo with the chicks reminded me of this moment with Stacy.  
This week is spring break, so we're thinking of more activities to do besides cleaning the house.  Any suggestions?


Anna said...

Your pictures are becoming more and more amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful time

Lisa said...

That is exactly what I was thinking of while looking at all of the pictures with the animals. How cool to see little piggies be born!

Jecca Lee Ivie Johnson said...

Those are some awfully cute kids you have there. And I've noticed that most places aren't afraid to deep-fry and serve anything in the south.

Kellie said...

In east TX the even deep fry a stick of butter! YES, you read that right, BUTTER! Heart attack on a stick please. YUCK!!