Monday, March 14, 2011

Never Bored

 While the Warlock was waiting in line for our fried junk food.
Bardo made up a game using the shadows.  I think he's a ninja.

Bardo's also become a budding artist.  He drew this picture of himself and his buddies holding balloons.  he was SO proud.

Bardo and his buddy playing dragons
Hiding from his invisible friend

Bardo actually hides from his invisible friend frequently.  Yesterday while he was looking into the refrigerator he nearly closed himself in.  I asked, "Bardo, what are you doing?"  You can guess the answer.  Sometimes I find him in strange place just sitting. "Bardo, what are you doing?"  Again, you can guess the answer.  Apparently his name is Quackie.

And while we're talking about Bardo.  See this beautiful head of hair?  I do NOT highlight it or color it in any way!  It's completely natural.  People keep asking me.  I can tell they feel silly as they do it, but they ask anyway.


Prairie Smoke said...

He looks so much like you! It looks like his hair is lossing a lot of the red just like yours did too.

Lisa said...

Buddies are so important to little boys! He is so FUN!

Kelly said...

I love the invisible friends -- Joseph had one when we lived in NY; his name was Mr. Duck, and he was kind of an enemy. Joseph would spray it with water and run and hide from him as well. I love it that Bardo does the same thing!